Animation Unreal Engine

The last project we worked on our animation class is with Unreal Engine. This time I teamed up with Halen. We are inspired by the game Mirror’s Edge.


Halen Created a city with some asset we found, and created the avatar from Adobe Fuse. and got some animation from Adobe Mixamo. I put the animation together and create cameras to capture different angle of the protagonist.


This is a very short project, we didn’t have that much time to experiment and explore. So we picked a very clear and simple subject to animate, without having to worry about plot and story but still make sense and look good.


Animation After Effect

For the After Effect project, I once again, teamed up with S.J. and Halen. We decided to use some classical painting with as style of one of the a example that we’ve seen in class, which the scene keep zooming out to different drawings, while the drawing being animated.

We decided to pick American painter Edward Hopper’s painting as the theme. And we saw someone photoshopped a cat into the painting Nighthawks, which inspired us to make the animation about a cat travels through different painting.


We picked 4 of Hopper’s painting, and decide what the cat does in there.

s-l300 71ROurdzpYL._SX355_morning-sun  43

We think the cat should be different sizes in different painting to have more dynamic. And when we talk about the one that the cat was going to be giant, I mention the person in the painting’s jar drop, as a expression, but we pushed it literally make the jar drop and bounce to the next painting as an end.

We divided our work load to me working on assets of the painting, animating opening scene, and animation first and third painting, Helen prepared the asset for the museum hall in the beginning and end, and animate all of the museum scene and the last painting, S. J. worked on one of the painting, master edit and sound.

ICM Final Game of Life

As I decided to make modify game of life as my project, I think it would be useful to learn the segment of nature of code from Shiftman, I watched the playlist of cellular automata.

The play list started by introducing wolfram’s cellular automata. I recreate one, that make the new generation on the bottom, and use “get” and “set” to move the old generations up.

In the beginning, i had problem of the last generation updated before checking all the cells, but using “slice()” function create a shadow copy solved the problem.

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ICM Week 9

Inspired by game of life, i wanted to do something that represent the eco system.



In game of life, each block/ pixel represent a cell being dead or alive, they follow the same set of rule to reproduce, live, or die.

I want to do a variation of the game of life that instead of the cells, each pixel represent a small group of different life forms, ie, vegetation, herbivore, carnival, and human Each life form will have different set of rules to reproduce, live, or die.

life 1

life 2

life 3

life 4

life 5

life 6


The idea is in the end the human will destroy the ecosystem.

ICM Week 8

This week is about video and sound, and this weekend’s ICMadness, me and son are in a team, we got the topic,”make a project about ‘time’ that ‘doesn’t have vowels’ with ‘a video file’. ” And since i was just wondering about what i could do for this week project, i decided to make it the weekly project. GIPHY

we use a time-laps video of New York skyline to fulfill the time aspect. And the pixels are made with conjugates. original we were gonna use a youtube clip, but it doesn’t work as well as a downloaded video, So we work from a downloaded video.

the pixel function didn’t work but that was a p5 issue, Casey helped use with changing the p5 lib reference to 6.1

here’s the code